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We take complex problems across diverse domains and provide custom-made solutions to satisfy your business needs.

Data analysis

Let us analyze your data with machine learning and mathematical models and give you the predictions to increase your business revenue.

Payment apps

Forget about having your staff touching cash and increase security. Get data on what exactly is being sold in real time, without burdening your staff with having to manually input orders.


Forget the papertrail, boxes and hundreds of scattered files. Obtain software with which to carry out your work efficiently.

Ticketing Platform

Ticketing services including ticket generation, sales and tools to validate tickets for your event.


From mobile applications to fully custom CRMs. Here are some of our developed products.

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About us

Negative Epsilon is a young company founded by math and computer science graduates with diverse backgrounds. We are known for a highly analytic and diagnostic view on all sorts of problems ranging from optimization of industrial processes to data processing subject to national and international regulations.

With diverse backgrounds in fields ranging from molecular biology to marketing we are a highly interdisciplinary team made up of people who share a passion for getting to the bottom of every problem.


Carlos combines a high degree of expertise in strategic management with an in-depth knowledge of highly specific implementation details. This enables him to make informed decisions regarding company and project strategy which balance technical feasibility with return-on-investment. In his free time, he likes to work out and play the Spanish guitar.

Elias is a mathematician in love with genetics. He has a background in molecular biology, ranging from the theoretical study of metabolic pathways to a highly empirical study of forensic genetics. He has experience in both academic and applied contexts, with several papers and technical recommendations published. In his free time, he plays music and reads about medicine.

Rafael has a passion for graphic design backed up by experience in both technical and artistic fields and an obsessive attention to detail. He is able to understand and optimize even the most complex interaction flows while implementing technically sound solutions which survive the test of time. In his free time he enjoys a good video game or a good conversation.

Miguel is an information systems analyst capable of breaking down the most difficult problems while adapting to existing requirements. His strategy towards complex problems involves getting an extremely deep understanding on the problem at hand and suggesting the most practical solution in a constricted time frame. When not thinking about complex systems, Miguel plays the guitar and enjoys a good beer from time to time.


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